I started working on this project in October of 2016. It is an interactive audio-visual installation, which will take place at Etopia the next year 2018. I performed this work as artist-in-residence at the Audio-visual Lab of Etopia  with the help of engineers Eduardo Estopiñán and Miguel Ángel Varona, specialists in interactive audio-visual technologies and openFrameworks programming.

"Ente" is a video mapping device on moving objets through infrared capture with Kinnect cameras, with multiple screenings and multichannel audio system, on real time. A double projection falling on any moving object (moving screen) and on a circular scene of about 3 meters. Different textures are combined, which covers the object and the circular scene independently. The intervention of the object (or performer) triggers the moving images and a quadraphonic sound through four channels.

This installation which was designed to the exhibition hall of Etopia  include twelve screens that surround the interactive device. These screens show the interventions that are occurring in the device, and others interventions that have already occurred, captured by two zenith cameras. The device is autonomous and any visitor can interact with it to be part of the work.

"Ente" gobbles, captures and transforms any intervention. My intention is to reflect about the technological alienation, an allegory of our relationship with the audiovisual medium today, which not only shows us images and sounds, but also observes, manipulates and uses us. The device suggests and captures who interacts with it, reifies it and integrates it into a whole, forming a technological organism. This integration is disseminated and broadcasted as a model to the people, who can observe himself and others in the same context. In fact, by this way is the process to make a perfect social control system in which we become, whether consciously or not, the most important collaborators and protectors.

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